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Welcome to David's Fan Club.

Welcome to! This site is dedicated to the cause of David.

David is an 11 year old boy who was originally diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was 8 years old

With people around the country and the world involved in praying for him, we thought a site with his information and pictures will be of assistance. Compassionate strangers will now be able to put a face to the name they already know and pray for.

15 February 2005 -- Frank is Dead. The remnants of David's tumor which were removed on 2 February 2005 are pronounced dead. David has slain the Goliath of Stage 4 Embroynal Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Basic stats:
Born 1 March 1995
Hospitalized 3 May 2003
Diagnosed with Stage IV Embryonal Rhabomyosarcoma.
2 February 2005: Surgery to biopsy Frank the Tumor ended up removing the entire tumor
15 February 2005: Pathology reports indicating that "Frank is Dead" released at a press conference in Washington D.C.
March 2010: 5 Years NED (No Evidence of Disease) CANCER FREE Celebrations with friends and Family


Because of increased spam, the guestbook for David is now gone.  Email and/or snail mail information is available on the "Contact Information" page.